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11 April 2014


Bill Oehler

Perhaps it is time for the P-B to run an extensive discussion/analysis of the entire Wabasha County political divide. We get good news articles on the disputes among the commissioners, numerous letters to the editor, and some backstory on the issues, but a global review would be interesting. Given the Teamsters ad and the politics of the attorneys involved in litigation through the years (County Attorney Nordstrom and outside counsel Erik Kaardal), there must be a common thread uniting each of the warring factions.

That would be a good read, I think.


Interesting question about free speech, Ray, but we and every other media reserve the right to not publish an ad...we don't take tobacco ads, for example...I need to double-check this, but I believe we're not taking e-cigarette ads either.

Ray Schmitz

After I wrote this I was reminded that you did have a column on the controversy some time ago, so disregard the first part but the second could still be interesting.

Ray Schmitz

Indeed a strange ad. What is the issue or have there been stories that I have missed. If you ever see "answer man" on the way to the mens you might suggest that he comment on what the limitations are on the denial of advertising and free speech.

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