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09 April 2014


Ray Schmitz

Criticism noted, but 55905 is Mayo, thus comment should have been directed toward the institution not the individual. As to the presence of individuals or other practice groups. Olmsted Medical is the same salaried staff as Mayo I believe, so within the region who does that leave? There are a few eye Dr's at chain stores, interesting to check pharmacists but I think that they were excluded from this group, todays story on the eye dr's shows that Mayo needs to get it's business plan updated, compare them to TC and Chicago, but that needs further research to find the total for Mayo. In a way it would be helpful to show the group practices by other than individual doc's.
You raise an interesting data question, I could get all of the city/county payments for the year and parse them as i will, the same is true for state and federal pymts via FOI requests.
The reports on linkages between drug companies and researchers is perhaps more of a privacy issue since those payments are from a private business and the individual, but they certainly are on the web recently.
This obviously is a developing story and the Times is not done reporting, wonder how the other DMC's are handling the story?


That's what the story link is for, Ray, and the verbatim lede from the story. Nothing I wrote, from headline to very brief comments, implies anything more than that. Check the lede on the dozens of stories that moved today and they're all basically alike...with more context down below.

Are you sure that all the health care providers (not just doctors) on the list in our zipcodes are paid a salary? I think before you say that, you should check the thousands of names in the database from our area.

Now -- in light of the jousting we occasionally do about privacy rights, etc., in the U.S. versus the rest of the world, what do you think of this data release, which apparently was 40 years in coming?

Rich Hartmann

Accurately stated Ray.

Ray Schmitz

I don't think that Mayo needs me to defend them, but your saying the the doctors were paid fails to recognize that they are not paid a fee for service but rather a salary and the institution gets the payments. I think that there is enough misinformation floating around about Mayo in general and DMC in particular so that the PB should be particularly careful not the misrepresent the facts.

The Times story goes to some length to point out that many in the group were paid for services performed by others involved in their practice, who the person named than reimbursed, or were othe wise not compensated as the numbers indicated.

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