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10 February 2014



Then you might enjoy the book, Ray. My point is simply this: I think that line comparing Rochester (which the author seems not all that excited about) to the French city of Christian "miracles" and the fictional sanatorium in an important but rarely read German novel is pompous and goofy. Just my take.

Ray Schmitz

I love that line, heard her again today on NPR in a book publicity interview, she captured mayo better than any other description I have seen. If the clinic is not a marvel what is it? Downtown is Mayo and services related there to, that is what she said and what else is there. Shopping is Mayo patient, dining is Mayo patient, hotels are mayo patient. Weekends may be hockey but weekdays are mayo. The DMC model is 20K concierges helping patients and families. I guess I don't understand your problem with her thoughts, doc's do take time to listen and they do never seem to have to get to the next patient, the desk attendants will go out of their way to set up an earlier appointment or track down a missing spouse. Sorry seem to miss your point.

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