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17 January 2014



I can respect Don's knowledge and still think that comment is way off the edge of reasonable, Ray. "The rest of the world"...is a ridiculous assertion, and it wouldn't take much homework to dismantle it piece by piece.

Ray Schmitz

Take a look at your own news sources some time, for example why was Germany and France and even Brazil so unhappy about the spying scandal, because they have very strict laws and rules about privacy. Germany is a world power and due to their unique history, nazis and communist east germany, very carefully restricts access to private date on individuals. Anyone who does genealogy has run into their laws and the difficulty getting access to public records without permission. The brits may have cameras hung on every light pole but their records systems are much more protected than here, France, very protective of privacy. And the list goes on. I suggest you respect Don's knowledge if you have not done your homework.

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