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07 May 2013



What bothers me most about this issue is the arrogant response from Mayo/its supports regarding the lack of info sharing before announcing DMC. Mayo wants public support (tax$), but will only involve the public when it's ready.

I would be more forgiving of the Mayo approach if Mayo could explain why they kept the project secret for so long. For instance, was the secrecy needed to prevent Mayo's competitors from getting an edge, or anything that even sounded a little bit realistic. Mayo could at least try to come up with a reason rather than just being the typical domineering Mother Mayo.

Dave Beal

"It's not asking too much...to expect transparency and true community involvement as it moves forward."

Unfortunately it may be too much to hope for that the best means for transparency and community involvement moving forward will become available to us.

The best means requires a DMCC board that includes the range and diversity of views adequate for representing the stakeholders impacted by and vested in the decisions of that board and the public funds being expended.
The best means also requires that the "business entity consultant" implements a plan and planning process obligated to provide the board with the adequate input to secure and enhance the lives of all who are impacted by and vested in the decisions of the board and the public funds being expended.

Who on the conference committee would step up to support these remedies?

To hold that the presence of elected officials appointed to this board will provide for accountability overlooks that these appointees remain accountable only to those constituents by whom they are elected, not to all those whose lives this board impacts. Nor is it sufficient to say that community involvement comes with marketing research, visioning exercises, and world cafes - however well-intended. Nor are public hearings where stakeholders are relegated to the role of petitioner and supplicant.

Meaningful community involvement comes only with a voting presence on the board sufficient to represent the community.

There is little hope of that.

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