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07 April 2013


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Thanks Jay, this was lots of work and should have wider dissemination. Couple points, no one ever seems to post building evaluate the impact, no. jobs etc, and the Vikings were here and not likely to leave so many of the numbers are starting from the wrong point, plus the fact that these dollars would probably have been spent on entertainment of some kind in the state if not on the vikings.
On Senjum comment, he is the one legislator who gives facts, mostly, in his newsletters as contrasted with the typical party line, often written by the party, that one gets from the others.
On the Mayo benefit point, I blame our local officials, mayo, the chamber and others who had the opportunity to convey the accurate message but appear to have thought that trust me would be all that was needed. The chamber seems to be more interested in critical comment about taxpayers than working to be heard at the capitol, I listened to the house majority and minority leaders on MPR last week make that comment about the money going to Mayo and noted that if that is the level of knowledge among the leadership this will be a long battle.

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