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01 February 2013


Jay Furst

Your letter's in the hopper and it looks like it may run today or Thursday. Regarding your point in the letter -- how about looking at the campaign spending reports for the candidates -- I have that story for today.

Bill Engelking

A letter was sent to the P.B.
in regards to this whole matter. But guess the facts were not wanted.


I'll let others respond to the comment about "very little economic growth over the past 20 years." That's about the length of time I've lived in Rochester and been in and around Pine Island, and just to the casual observer, Pine Island looks a lot different than it did 20 years ago.
But what about Stoddard's comments about the way in which the administrator's position was eliminated and Algadi terminated? Do you agree with how that was handled? Think there's anything else going on with that? Any local business owner who might be pulling strings?
Believe me, this is a very unusual story and there's a lot more to be told about it. We're working on it.


I disagree with Mr Stoddart. Pine Island has experienced very little economic growth over the past 20 years. Look at the downtown...The only changes besides a parking lot and some wierd lines on Main St. are the businesses that have gone out of business and were replaced by new ones that have come and gone. This community has been spinning its wheels for the last twenty years mainly from Algadi's all talk and no action style.

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