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25 October 2012




I have been to several of your forums, and I think you do a great job. Moderating those events is no easy task. I appreciate your efforts.

I understand your concern about the tone that was on display in some of the questions and comments at this most recent event. I am not going to defend anyone or accuse anyone. I just want to make some observations.

I think a certain amount of anger and the forcefulness from the DFL side was almost inevitable given the circumstances. And the circumstances are these -- that this amendment is NOT just some lame public policy issue, where each side can be expected to just dispassionately present their data, and articulate their reasonable arguments for or against. This is a situation where one side has been rigorously ABUSED by the other side. This amendment is an absolute ABUSE of power by the GOP. As Governor Carlson said, election law should NEVER be changed or even proposed to be changed in a purely partisan way. Insofar as this amendment is on the ballot entirely as the result of GOP votes, with not a single positive DFL vote, it is an absolute ABUSE of power.

I would challenge anyone to find an example in Minnesota legislative history where the DFL has ever sought to amend the state constitution in an equally abusive and partisan way.

Reflecting a bit on the circumstances that surround this constitutional amendment might provide you with an opportunity to at least understand, if not appreciate, the level of anger and frustration that some participants were feeling.

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