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01 August 2012


Brent Coggins (SinGee)

PS, stop putting the other person down in government leaders to get elected, bad example for the kids (it saids to get ahead this is what you must do), I got my job on what I could do not by putting down the other person...

Brent Coggins (SinGee)

They still don't understand, what I myself have been thru and seen and talked to others.. the answer can found, just looking and not judging, If you feel alone, different and don't fit in, you well become the bully or the bullee..beside my faith, it was also a upper classmate that step in and showed me and others I was important and not alone and loved plus my parents never gave up on me, (My dad said he thinks he spent more time in school then me).. but it almost was to late on there part, because being put down and can lower ones self worth which can lead to sexual abuse, but that is a different story (and no not by my family)...friends done hurt friends and learn that anyone could be come thier friend, encourage this relationship... the next step is gangs, but one thing at a time...

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