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30 April 2012


John Milne

This is wonderful news! Always have enjoyed Steve from his appearances on "The Tracy McCray Show" on KROC-AM, and now looking forward to getting even more in-depth thoughts from the Lions and Morrisey dude!:)

Ray Schmitz

Mark, it is occasionally interesting to read an editorial column that actually makes one think, that is, that does not tell one how to think, Krugman does that. I have never read Lange perhaps he will add a new perspective to the columns.


Funny stuff, that Nobel Prize. Kind of got devalued when President Obama won the Peace Prize before he had made a single foreign policy decision and prior to increasing drones in Pakistan, bombing Libya and putting troops into the jungle of Africa.

At some point was Krugman going to write a piece that didn't use the word Keynesian or the phrase "Republicans are (insert derogatory word of the week)"?

I did enjoy Steve Lange's piece though - despite the fact that nobody has bought him a Nobel Prize as of yet....

Stephan Jennebach

I always enjoyed reading Steve's columns in Rochester Magazine. Now that we're in Zumbrota, I don't get to read Rochester Magazine as much anymore, so I'm looking forward to his dry humor once a week!


We like to have at least one Nobel prize winner on our editorial page, Mark, and since Krugman's the only one currently, we'll keep him.


Can you drop Krugman's tired and repetitive garbage to make room? Even without Steve Lange's new contributions, that would be addition by subtraction.

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