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19 April 2011


Sally Jo Sorensen

The historical record about newspaper's complaint about The Uptake is what it is, in a fight the Post Bulletin picked with social media.

To label the historical record "bitter" is to make this about your perceptions of emotions, rather than fidelity to fact.

Jay Furst

You have the memory of an elephant, Sally Jo. Time to let go of the Uptake bitterness.
Dimple: did you read the stories? They're not about the event that didn't happen.


No less than 3 completely fair articles on a gathering that did not happen.
Well covered.

Jay Furst

Well, now we've all played our expected roles in this little drama: Frank has weighed in on the side of FDL and Sally Jo, Mark is amazed that libbies are unhappy with me, and I just say it goes with the territory.

Frank Hawthorne

As one who has defended him on other topics, I have to agree with those who suggest that this is one of Jay Furst's (occasional) "thin skinned" moments.

[SEE "ignorant & offensive" comment, for starters]

Anytime you devote That Much (less-than-critically analytical) space to Any extremist movement, you'd better be prepared for some push-back from those whose own parties & issues have long been Under-reported by the local press.

I'm not saying that the PB doesn't try to fairly cover local, staged events sponsored by the two major parties (and/or related events by unions & pro-GOP business interests); but the depth of reporting often leaves Much to be desired.

Jay Furst

If this is what it takes to get a Super Bowl win for the Vikings, Mark, I'm in...

Nicholas Dibble

I had to laugh when I read this. The PB gets a hard time no matter what kind of reporting it does. It gets called "liberal" for reporting stories the conservatives don't like and then gets accused of "fawning treatment" of the tea party from liberals. I certainly don't envy your job at times. In these times of the 24 hour news cycle and news cable channels that cater to an individuals own personal political beliefs, people seem to expect that news reporting should be customized and in agreement with their own personal beliefs. People believe that if a news article reports on a topic they do not like, then the writer or media company must be slanted. Unfortunately, news providers like MSNBC and FoxNews only perpetuate the problem. I find it quite sad that we live in a "fact free era" where politicians and pundits can say whatever they want with no basis on fact and when the media calls them out they are just labeled as "elite" or "lame stream media".

Sally Jo Sorensen

TheinBomb: I think you've hit on something we can all agree. The weather. Hell does seem to be freezing over. However, I don't think the Vikes will take the Super Bowl.

Jay: Loyal readers of this space might be puzzled why you assert that blogs can lose credibility with you, when you have no history of granting blogs credibility to begin with. Indeed, each time liberal-to-left bloggers scrutinize the Post Bulletin's coverage, you spend an enormous amount of time telling those readers how naughty we are. Perhaps you'll even get another invite to be on Almanac out of this one, just as you did when the PB's coverage of neo-nazis in Austin. Good luck!


I think we can safely assume that the Vikings are going to win the Superbowl this year because Hell must be freezing over - Jay Furst is getting criticized for being too soft on the Tea Party......

Jay Furst

I agree, "George," the more pressing issues regarding blogging -- even vitriolic partisan blogs -- include accuracy, fairness and good taste. You get your opinion on your blog and I get mine here: In my opinion, you lose credibility and hurt your cause when you smear good journalists.

Sally Jo Sorensen

Jay, you've clearly identified the most pressing issue in blogging: the use of a nom de plume. Since the Post Bulletin has such a problem with the use of pseudonyms in political discourse, perhaps you might assign Heather Carlson the task of digging up the dirt on that guy "Publius," who wrote the Federalist Papers.

And you've got me, Jay! My real name is George Eliot.

Jay Furst

Will Catullus use his real name when he calls? Is Sally Jo Sorensen your real name?

Sally Jo Sorensen

Outrage? My friend Catullus is on line one for you, my thin-skinned friend. How's that kicking the Uptake and bloggers out of the state capitol working out for you these days?

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