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31 March 2005



This blog is about as timely and up to date as the glacial Post Bulletin itself.

larry cekander

i use to go listen the the Parrish Brothers when they where the house band at a place called PRARIE LANDS in Thomasbourgh, Illinois..At that time it was the largest dance floor in illinois.
i had a band called FLATLAND BOOGIE BAND out of champaign at that time...we got done at 12pm and could make it to PRARIE LAND TO DRINK AND DANCE...


They liked to argue to...lol

seen floyd knock out curtis one night on stage as smooth as can be when curtis was a bit off on the beat...may have had something to do with how messed up he was..

god those were some fun days...use to jam with the guys now and then to..

havnt heard about them since the late 80's

larry cekander aka bluesman

Dick Foster

In regards to the article on the Green Parrot. You should be aware that my parents, Edna and LLoyd Foster were also owners of the Green Parrot. They bought it from the Klopp's in late 1950's. Thr Klopp's latter bought back in and were partners with the Foster's for a couple of years when the Foster's then sold it back to the Klopp's. I also worked at the Parrot and new Violet. Thought you may want to know.

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