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7 posts categorized "Sports on television"

September 04, 2013

Hockey | Lourdes excited to play in Hockey Day Minnesota '14

Posted by: Feldman

The Rochester Lourdes hockey team has played on statewide TV each of the past five seasons. The five-time defending Section 1A champions have even played in primetime a couple of times on the opening day of the state hockey tournament.

The Eagles will be on TV again this season, even if they don't reach state. This time it will be nearly two months in advance of the state tournament.

The announcement was made official on Wednesday: Rochester Lourdes will play Cloquet/Esko/Carlton at the "Handke Pit" in Elk River on Saturday, Jan. 18, at 10:15 a.m. as part of Hockey Day Minnesota '14. The game will be televised around the state and parts of neighboring states on FSN.

The Lourdes-CEC game will be the first game of the day, so viewership should be strong across the state with pumped-up hockey fans ready for a full day of live-televised games.

Other games set for HDM '14:

• 1 p.m.: Elk River vs. Stillwater — boys (at Elk River)

• 4 p.m.: Elk River vs. Anoka — girls (at Elk River; tape delayed on FSN after Minnesota Wild game)

• 5 p.m.: University of Minnesota vs. Ohio State (at Mariucci Arena)

• 8 p.m.: Minnesota Wild vs. Dallas Stars (at Xcel Energy Center)

Lourdes coach Josh Spaniol said representatives from FSN and the Minnesota Wild approached him and Lourdes A.D. Marv Peters during last winter's Section 1A tournament, then plans were confirmed during the state tournament in March for Lourdes to be a part of HDM.

Lourdes had to drop a scheduled game against Duluth Marshall to accomodate the HDM schedule, but Spaniol said Marshall was very cooperative and the teams will meet again in future seasons.

The Wild, FSN, and Minnesota Hockey made the announcement official on Wednesday.

"The biggest thing for us is just having the opportunity to do this," Spaniol said, "to just play outside in the snow, the wind, whatever. It's not about winning or losing. It's just about enjoying the experience. I don't care if the wind is blowing 25, 50 mph, whatever, let's just enjoy the moment."

I'll have a story with more comments from Spaniol, and a note about a special uniform the Eagles will likely wear for the HDM game, in Thursday's P-B.

February 17, 2010

Olympics: Lamoureux's eye-popping goal

FELDY: First off, who's loving the Olympic curling coverage on TV? I watch curling once every four years (probably because that's the only time it's on TV). I mean, the drama of watching the skip curl the rock around the high guard to try to knock the opponents' rock out of the house while landing his own on the button is pretty intense.

I have no idea what that means. I heard an announcer say it yesterday and it sounded good, so I'm going with it. Seriously, I have no idea why, but I can't stop watching the curling coverage.

On to hockey ...

I'm only about three days late on this, but for those of you who packed into the Rec Center on Jan. 22 to watch the U.S. Women's Olympic hockey team beat the Century boys, 2-1, how cool has it been to watch the women's team on TV so far in these Games?

That U.S.-Century game is probably my favorite game I've covered this year because, playing with a no-checking rule allowed both of those teams to show off their speed. Century is at its best when it has room to skate and move the puck. It was a 2-1 game but only because both goalies played very well. It was entertaining, up-and-down hockey, and I imagine we'll see something similar if/when the U.S. and Canada meet in the medal round.

To no one's surprise, Team USA is off to a tremendous start at the Vancouver Games and appears to be on the much-anticipated course to meet Team Canada for gold. The U.S. has outscored its first two opponents -- China and Russia -- by a combined 25-1.

And former Gopher Jocelyne Lamoureux has provided the highlight goal of the tournament so far, men's or women's.

I won't attempt to describe it. Just watch it. Here is a link to the video.

December 01, 2009

H.S. Hockey: Section title rematch tonight, FSN TV coverage begins tonight

FELDY: Want to take in a big, early-season game locally? Rochester Century plays host to Lakeville North tonight at the Rec Center in a rematch of last season's Section 1AA championship game. (Hasn't this been the section title matchup for about 10 years in a row now?) This will be another good early-season test for Century after falling by just one to White Bear Lake on Saturday. Sounds like Panthers' sophomore goalie Brock Kautz played well in his varsity debut; will be interesting to see if he gets the nod tonight, and how he responds to another big start.

Century faced traditional state power Edina a couple of weeks ago at a scrimmage in Buffalo. Century coach Bruce Frutiger came away quite impressed (duh! Did I even need to write that?). He said Edina had already cut about 50 players and practice had only been going for five days. (Time for a second high school in Edina, anyone?)

If you want a peek at this year's Edina club, they kick off Fox Sports North's 2009-10 high school hockey coverage tonight when they face Burnsville at 7 p.m.

Here is a link to FSN's high school hockey coverage schedule for this season. It runs through the end of January, though I believe FSN is considering some coverage in February when the Wild will be off the air because of the Olympic break.

Also, the Minneapolis Star Tribune has its Metro Area season preview in today's edition.

November 01, 2009

Live from somewhere in Sconnie

FELDY: In about 15 hours the next biggest game of the NFL season will be upon us when a certain gray-haired QB takes the field at The House that He Restored against his former team. I'll be in the Lambeau Field press box, or maybe as a member of the Minnesota media contingent, I'll be in a dark room somewhere in the basement of Lambeau watching on a 5-inch monitor.

So you think Sconnies aren't fired up for this? I pulled over at a Subway to grab some supper somewhere in the middle of Sconnie. I think it was in Swissville, or perhaps Cheddartown. Maybe it was Gouda City, but it really doesn't matter. Point is, a Sheriff's deputy saw my Minnesota plates and good-naturedly gave me the business. He asked if I was a Vikings fan; I said 'yeah, but I'm here on official business this weekend. I have to be impartial.' Then I explained to him that I was on my way to Green Bay to report on the big game for a newspaper. He laughed and said, "That's good, I was going to have to follow you all the way there if you were going as a Vikings fan." He was kidding. I think.

Tomorrow (well, today by now ... or is it today yet ... can't figure out anything with this time change; it's like trying to figure out how to convert the Canadian dollar to American) I'll try to post to the blog a time or two during the game. That's always my plan, but game day gets hectic and I get caught up in the game. I'm going to catch up with a group of tailgators from Kasson before the game and hope to have a story on by tomorrow night, as well as pictures of that group of crazies.

I talked to a Packers fan from Rochester, Mike Murphy, on the phone yesterday and will write about some of his thoughts, too. He seemed to be one of those rare level-headed Packers fans; said he still appreciates Favre, he just doesn't want The Brett to do well this weekend.

That's all I got right now. I'm gonna try to figure out what time this hotel room clock should be set at. Hope everyone had a good Halloween.

Remember: Kickoff, 3:15 p.m.

September 30, 2009

Anything going on in Minnesota sports?

FELDY: My voice is just coming back after the Brett Favre-to-Greg Lewis play on Sunday afternoon and Faceoff rube Brew is probably just getting over his back pain after I jumped on his back during the celebration at Metrodome. We did have a good chuckle at all the fans who left at the two-minute warning. You know, beat the traffic, blah, blah, blah.

I'll be the first to admit Favre did not have a good game on Sunday, but he did throw for 300 yards and he Favred another team in the final seconds. It felt nice to be on the other side of a Favre-ing for once. So, go ahead, criticize his play on Sunday all you want. But there is no way Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels makes that play. In fact, there is no way the Vikings are even in position to win that game with T-Jack or Rosenfels calling signals.

* * *

I wrote about in last week's Faceoff column, but the crow I'm eating is well worth it in exchange for the excitement the Twins are providing in the waning weeks of the MLB season. I, like many Twins fans, wrote this team off three weeks ago. Now they're in position to leapfrog Detroit and make the postseason. If the Twins don't beat the Tigers tonight and tomorrow, we can throw away those playoff hopes for another year, but it's been an entertaining ride.

That said, if this club doesn't make the playoffs, GM Bill Smith had better make some moves to upgrade the lineup, the starting rotation and the bullpen in the offseason. All we've heard for the past four years is that when the new Target Field opens next spring, the Twins will be spending more money on players in an effort to put a championship-caliber team on the field. Of course, the Twins have slashed their payroll by $20 million over the past two years and all they'll do to "add payroll" is add that $20 million to get back to where they were two years ago. They can spin it however they want. If they don't win next year, the new ballpark won't really matter to some fans.

* * *

It's hockey season! The Wild open their season Thursday night at Columbus. Of course, we can't watch that game on TV here. Nor can we watch next Tuesday's home opener. So if you can't get up to The X on Tuesday, you'll have to wait until next Thursday to see a game on TV in Rochester (the Oct. 8 game at L.A. is a 9:30 start). There are still tickets available for the home opener, though, if you still want to go.

Phersy and I will talk all things Wild in our print edition Faceoff column tomorrow.

And we'll get our NHL picks and predictions up on the blog tomorrow night.

April 15, 2008

Final episode of my favorite show

PHERSY: A few TV notes for people, mostly unrelated to sports ...

Tonight on MTV is the final episode ever of Rob & Big, my favorite TV show. I'm going to do everything I can to hold back my tears when it's over, much like Feldy did Sunday when Brandt Snedeker blew it at the Masters. If you've never seen Rob & Big, you really missed out. So funny! So in memory ... DO WORK SON!!! 22s!!!

Of course, I'll also watch American Idol tonight ... I'm a sucker, what can I say? Also, don't forget to watch The Ultimate Fighter on Wednesday night, and UFC 83 is Saturday. My favorite fighter Georges St.-Pierre will be trying to reclaim the welterweight belt on Saturday, so you know I'll be watching.

October 11, 2007

Charter leaves sports fans out in the cold ...

FELDY: The headline on this post, that was the headline on a letter to the editor that was posted on the P-B's web site this morning, from a disgruntled Minnesota sports fan.

The letter, which can be read here, was written by Tim Cuddihy of Rochester. Bravo to Tim for putting his name on something that is critical.

And, I agree with him. It's very frustrating to not have the option to watch the Wild (other than the handful of games on FSN) or Gophers football on our Charter packages.

When I moved to Rochester three years ago, I subscribed to the extra sports tier of channels so I could get the NFL Network. Then, one day, without notice, the NFL Network just didn't show up on the channels guide. When I canceled the sports tier a couple months later, the person on the phone couldn't understand why I didn't want it anymore: "sir, there are plenty of other good sports channels still available to you." Yeah, like I give a crap about watching Kentucky at Florida in women's college soccer, followed by the Tommy Bowden Show (Clemson football) and the Larry Blakeney Show (Troy football -- are you serious?).

I understand I have other options, such as DirecTV or Dish Network. I don't want to go that route, but it's certainly something I've been thinking about.

And as for the person who responded to Mr. Cuddihy's letter by saying "Stop complaining about things that aren't important and get a life!" Well, you should get a life. I'm sure there are things that are important to you and that you are passionate about. If not, then you live a sad life.


PHERSY: It's time for a little honesty. I am extremely slow, a little overweight, have a crooked nose, bad at math, like fast food (would eat Chipotle every day if my wife let me), watch TV too much, play too many video games and don't exercise enough (or at all). And I blame Charter for every single shortcoming in my life.

Really, I'm frustrated that I don't get the Big Ten Network. I don't like not having the NFL Network or the option to purchase the NHL's Center Ice package. However, I can't blame Charter 100 percent for all of these things.

BUT -- and it's a big but -- I can blame Charter 100 percent for the fact that my phone service has gone out three times since switching to Charter less than a year ago, that my internet has gone out for almost 24 hours several times, that my premium cable channels are out about once a week, that my cable flickered through an entire UFC I purchased via pay-per-view with friends over to watch it, that Charter has screwed up my bill more than once, and that Charter has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.