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February 01, 2011

Welcome to the Phersy and Feldy show

PHERSY AND FELDY: OK Folks, so we're kicking off a new feature here at Faceoff. We're doing a podcast (OK, not really for your ipod, but it's an audio show featuring two of the ugliest guys you know). So, take a listen. This the very first episode of the Phersy and Feldy Show. For the most part, it's just going to be Feldy and Phersy kicking it freestyle on sports topics of the day/week.

Let us know what you think, what we can do better, what you want us to talk about for the next show ... whatever. This one is a little long (25 minutes) and we'll shorten it up for the next one. Just check it out. Let's do this:




May 26, 2010

Wow ... where have we been?

FELDY: I have no idea where Phersy and I have been. I have no idea where Phersy is. I'm not sure if he knows this blog still exists. Shhhhhhhh .... don't tell him. OK, please tell him.

It's been fairly quiet around here in terms of sports news that gets us stirred up. A few things to catch up on, though:

* NAHL Entry Draft going on today. We (I'll) keep an eye out for local kids. Draft begins in 31 minutes (1 p.m. Central). We (I'll) keep a close eye on the Austin Bruins to see how that new franchise drafts.

* The Pat and Kevin Williams issue with the NFL has officially bored me. I wish the judge would just take the two Vikings and the NFL bigwigs in a backroom, make them all say they're sorry to each other, give them balloons and lollipops and send them on their way with two-game suspensions for the Williamses and two-week suspensions for the NFL bigwigs involved in this case.

* Brett Favre apparently received the ankle I cut off, packed in dry ice and sent to Hattiesburg. His surgery last Friday was a success and he'll back on the field in time for training camp at Mank ... OK, in time for training camp at Witner Pa ... OK, in time for preseason game No. 3. Does this surprise anyone? It does make Mrs. Feldy happy because she now feels like she didn't waste money on that Favre jersey she bought me for Christmas. The only real question now: After Favre leads the Vikes to the Super Bowl, does he go into the Hall of Fame as a Packer or a Viking?

* The Twins still can't hit with runners in scoring position. Their pitchers still give up way too many home runs. They're still in first place. Not much has changed with the move to Target Field. Which we all still love.

* Your 5-time Northwoods League champion Rochester Honkers open their home season on June 3. That's all I got on them, because they're all you'll read about in our print edition this summer. Oh, and it's Slider bobblehead night on June 14. Love bobbleheads, especially a bobblehead of a guy whose head is as big as Slider's.

* Blackhawks over the Flyers in five games. T-O-E-W-S!!

* Maybe this will get Phersy's attention and he'll come back to the blog once in a while: ONLY 51 DAYS TIL ICE HAWKS OPEN TRYOUT CAMP AT THE REC CENTER!!! (July 17-18)

May 06, 2010

A rambling notes Thursday

PHERSY: OK Feldy, I can't pick just one topic for today, so it's time for a little Thursday ramble.

First off, I don't have a man crush on Wilson Ramos. Yes, when I returned from Florida years ago after watching him play at Class A Fort Myers, I had a bit of a crush on him, mainly just because I was excited to see a player of his skill level playing Class A ball. But now, too many people like him. I tend to like the underdog! Plus, don't get used to him in a Twins uniform ... that's all I'm sayin' ...

Feldy's favorite football player Lawrence Taylor was arrested yesterday in connection with an alleged rape. It should be noted that the former Giants star has not been formally charged yet, though those charges are expected today. Feldy, you and I grew up when Taylor was dominating the NFL (well, at least at the end of his run for me). He was an amazing football player, one of the best to ever put on a uniform. But man, this guy has problems. Between the drug addiction and now this ... it's sad times for LT. Here's a link to the story. ...

So Feldy, you did that nice, long post on the Vikings stadium proposal ... how are you feeling about that now? So yeah, the stadium proposal was dead before it ever had a chance to pick up steam. Hopefully it's something that will be looked at again down the road. I think it's safe to say nothing will get done with this during this session. But this team will leave Minnesota if they don't get a new stadium soon. Write that down! And that would be devastating for all of us Purple rubes. I don't think it's even something we can imagine at this point ... the Vikings have just always been there. Let's keep our fingers crossed ...

Feldy, you were at the Twins game yesterday. They pulled off a barnburner of a victory, 5-4. We'll take it! I heard someone saying they got lucky yesterday because they gave up four solo shots to the Tigers. I say, lucky? I'd say that's good. Yeah, giving up four home runs isn't ideal, but to me, that shows the pitching staff is getting it, at least a little ... when there's nobody on base, that's when you should be going right after hitters. Yes, sometimes that's going to mean the ball will leave the park (especially against Cabrera ... man, that guy is crushing right now). But I like that mentality ... don't waste pitches with nobody on base. Feldy, we've both been to the stadium a few times now, and I think we both love it. I don't have complaints, not at all. My big thing is going to be trying to sit in every section. I want to check out the view from everywhere at Target Field! ... Oh Feldy, I almost forgot to mention -- the Twins swept a series!!! WOOT WOOT!!

Feldy's Blackhawks won a big game in their series against the Vancouver Canucks last night. And Dustin Byfuglien had a hat trick. With all of the stars currently playing for Chicago (see Toews, Kane, Sharp, Hossa), Byfuglien gets the hat trick? Really? Whoa. I will say this, the second round of the NHL playoffs definitely hasn't been as fun as that first round. Man, that was awesome. It seemed like they were all one-goal games and every series came down to the wire. Hopefully the conference finals will be be better than the semis ...

And Feldy, this might be the biggest news of the day: The Williams Wall will have to serve their four-game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy. At least that's what a judge ruled this morning ... it sounds like they may have another appeal or something, but I've given up trying to follow this mess. So, if those two have to sit out to start the season, where does that leave your Vikings Feldy? Do you alter expectations? I think it really could hamper the team's season. If they start out 2-2 (or worse) in those games, will they be able to recover in time to win the division? I hope so, but it could be trouble. Oh yeah, and what's going on with that Favre guy? Here's a link to the Williams Wall suspension story. ... 

Finally, a couple of odds and ends ... for MMA fans, three Minnesotans are fighting tonight as part of Bellator 17, an event that will be shown live on Fox Sports Net (check your local listings, because it's usually not on live but it will be on at some point tonight). Carey Vanier and Roger Huerta will be fighting in the semifinals of the Bellator lightweight tournament, and former Gophers wrestler Cole Konrad is making his Bellator debut. ... My guy Marcus Sherels (that's a joke, we all know he's Pat Ruff's guy) has signed a tryout contract with the Minnesota Vikings. Feldy, what do you think his chances are of making this team? In my eyes, he's a perfect practice squad guy. I do think he can one day play at this level, but I'm probably in the minority. ... The Ice Hawks got their new logo on the floor of the Rec Center this week. It looks amazing!!! Stop in over there and check it out, along with the new seamless boards!

That's all for now.

January 18, 2010

The weekend mix

PHERSY: I tried to tell everyone there was no chance the Vikings were going to lose that game Sunday!!! Did I not Feldy?

Man, that was fun. The Vikings defense looked rough early, as the Cowboys marched with ease. However, you knew it was trouble when they couldn't convert those long drives into points. Favre was great, Rice was better and the defense did better than I expected.

Here are some random thoughts from a Monday afternoon ...

The Ice Hawks returned to form this weekend. They swept a three-game set against the Lakers, Mustangs and Crusaders. They also put more than 20 goals on the board in those three games. I didn't attend the games on Saturday and Sunday, but the Ice Hawks also allowed a total of eight goals in those games. Is that a concern? I don't know. I guess we'll find out. ...

Speaking of concerned, should we be worried about the Vikings defense this week? I know, that's crazy to say after the Vikings held the red-hot Cowboys to just three points. However, the Saints are not the Cowboys. They have so many weapons, and they can beat you in so many different ways. If the Vikings can't give the exact same type of pressure last week, Drew Brees will pick the secondary apart ... so, get geared up d-line. ...

Nice performance by Feldy's Sioux on Saturday. I guess the good news for him is that he was able to forget about it with that great game Sunday. Plus, I have nothing to talk about ... the Mavs have become the kings of one-goal losses. Yeah, they have eight this season. Sick. ...

Forgot to mention: Don't look now, but the Ice Hawks are just two points out of first place in the MnJHL standings!!! The Ice Hawks should have a good chance of taking over first place this coming weekend. Also, don't forget ... they have added a game to the schedule, and it's this Wednesday night at 7:05. The Hawks host Jay Gorman and the St. Mary's JV team at the Rec Center. ...

Timberwolves? Still dead. Gophers men's hoops? Fading fast! Bad loss yesterday, the kind of loss that will hurt when it comes time for NCAA bids. ...

Wild grabbed another win over the weekend, and they play again tonight. Feldy, are you still thinking this team can sneak into the playoffs? I won't say it's impossible, but I still have my doubts. They're just so inconsistent at this point. I'm not sure they can be ready for any type of postseason run. But how good is Guillaume Latendresse? ...

That's all I have for now. More tomorrow.

January 13, 2010

Wednesday tidbits

PHERSY: Hey all, sorry Feldy and I have been so out of it lately. I've been swamped with covering The Clash, and I know Feldy has been in and out of town for family stuff and now he's back covering the high school hockey beat. But Feldy and I made a New Year's resolution ... we're going to attempt to post something new on Faceoff every week day. It's out goal ... not a promise, but it's what we're shooting for.

So, I figured I'd start things off with some random thoughts that are swirling around in my head ...

I heard this on KFAN earlier this week, so I can't take credit for it, but how amazing would it be if the Vikings brought in Jessica Simpson to sing the national anthem for Sunday's playoff game against the Cowboys? Honestly, I don't care how much it would cost. A million bucks? Done! It would be well worth it. I'd laugh for 30 straight minutes, and Tony Romo would be rattled before he threw his first pass. Priceless, I tell ya! ...

Speaking of the Vikings, is there any chance they lose this game? It's at the Dome! I know Romo and the Cowboys are considered red hot, but I just don't see them walking into the Metrodome and stealing this game. Anything is possible, but I think the Vikes are playing for the NFC crown next week. ...

I have to put this one on here, simply because Mrs. Phersy is infatiuated with this guy. When the Wild traded Benoit Pouliot to Montreal for Guillaume Latendresse, I was a bit skeptical. I was starting to like some of the things Pouliot was doing, and I wasn't ready to give up on him just yet. But man, I was way off. Latendresse has been fantastic. Really, I don't even know if Pouliot's ceiling was as high as what the Wild are already getting from Latendresse (here's a Strib story about him). The guy's a stud, and I'm glad he's in a Wild sweater. Plus, Mrs. Phersy thinks he's hot. ...

The Lynx recently traded for Lindsay Whalen, the former University of Minnesota star who got this state excited about women's basketball. Can she do it again? It's going to be an uphill battle, that's for sure. Despite having a top 3 pick in the WNBA lottery every year since the beginning of time, the Lynx still stink. And nobody is going to their games. Let's hope the trade for Whalen will at least generate some moderate interest. I guess the fact that I'm talking about it now shows just that ...

Your Rochester Ice Hawks had a rough weekend, dropping two out of three games. I was at The Clash all weekend, so I didn't get to see any of the games. I'll be chatting with coach Fatis later today, so I'm interested to hear what he has to say. I texted him Sunday night after they lost to the Lumberjacks, and I asked if the guys just didn't have the fire this weekend? Basically, he said the team had been holding the gas pedal down for more than a month straight and they let off of it Friday night against the Flying Aces. And once you let off, it's hard to find that pedal again. What are your thoughts Hawks fans? Good news is they have three more this weekend to figure something out! ...

The Timberwolves still stink. Enough said. ...

Guess what?! Feldy's favorite college hockey team, the University of Minnesota, is starting to play better. They've got a nice little winning stretch going. Are they better or are they just playing worse teams? Tough to say. I think we'll know more after this weekend, when the Gophers host North Dakota. ...

I will say I'm glad Feldy didn't do too much trash talking last weekend when the Sioux got lucky and took two from the Mavericks. I received a few nasty text messages, but that's it. So hats off to Feldy. This is always an odd weekend for me, when the Sioux and Gophers meet. Normally, I love to hate the Sioux, simply because of Feldy. I'm an MSU fan, so I generally dislike the Gophers, not to mention I'm not a big Don Lucia guy. So this weekend I'm torn ... I guess I'll root for a pair of ties.

On the local MMA front, there's plenty of news going on. Tommy Speer has accepted a fight in Canada against Ryan Ford (this is a big fight, because Ford is very, very good ... check him out on youtube). Also, Travis Wiuff successfully defended his IFC heavyweight title. Finally, there will be an amateur MMA show in Rochester (at the barn) on Jan. 30. I haven't heard any further details on this show, but I'll let you know when I hear something. ...

Totally random ... I went to the movie "Up in the Air" for the second time yesterday. It's a great movie, and I highly recommend it. Mrs. Phersy loves it. I'm not sold on the ending, but it's still a fantastic movie, one of Clooney's best performances. ...

That's all for now. Watch for an Ice Hawks update later today if I can get in touch with coach Fatis.

October 23, 2009

Another stupid criminal

FELDY: No, this has nothing to do with Jeff Reed or the idiot Gophers hockey fan who was a lot tougher off the ice than his team was on it.

We haven't had a stupid criminal story on here for a while, though. This one is actually more humorous than stupid, but we don't have a "humorous criminals" category on our blog.

This story pretty much speaks for itself, and if this guy would be willing to modify my La-Z-Boy, I'd probably take it for a spin around the block.

Now that I think about it, I wouldn't be surprised if this guy turns out to be a Sconnie.

October 07, 2009

A break from sports ... and maybe the best pic I've seen all year

FELDY: Face-off is the toy department of the P-B's bloggers section. We know that; we're comfortable with our tiny niche of the blogosphere. Every once in a while, Phersy and I actually read about non-sports related topics. This is one of those times.

I'll let the picture pretty much do the talking in this case. As the daddy to a 3-year-old girl, this one hit me in the tummy. Here it is, a little girl in Pennsylvania who didn't want her daddy to go off to Iraq for a year.

See and read for yourself right here.

And thank you to all the dads and moms (and all soldiers who don't have children) who leave their little ones behind to serve our great country.

September 30, 2009

Anything going on in Minnesota sports?

FELDY: My voice is just coming back after the Brett Favre-to-Greg Lewis play on Sunday afternoon and Faceoff rube Brew is probably just getting over his back pain after I jumped on his back during the celebration at Metrodome. We did have a good chuckle at all the fans who left at the two-minute warning. You know, beat the traffic, blah, blah, blah.

I'll be the first to admit Favre did not have a good game on Sunday, but he did throw for 300 yards and he Favred another team in the final seconds. It felt nice to be on the other side of a Favre-ing for once. So, go ahead, criticize his play on Sunday all you want. But there is no way Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels makes that play. In fact, there is no way the Vikings are even in position to win that game with T-Jack or Rosenfels calling signals.

* * *

I wrote about in last week's Faceoff column, but the crow I'm eating is well worth it in exchange for the excitement the Twins are providing in the waning weeks of the MLB season. I, like many Twins fans, wrote this team off three weeks ago. Now they're in position to leapfrog Detroit and make the postseason. If the Twins don't beat the Tigers tonight and tomorrow, we can throw away those playoff hopes for another year, but it's been an entertaining ride.

That said, if this club doesn't make the playoffs, GM Bill Smith had better make some moves to upgrade the lineup, the starting rotation and the bullpen in the offseason. All we've heard for the past four years is that when the new Target Field opens next spring, the Twins will be spending more money on players in an effort to put a championship-caliber team on the field. Of course, the Twins have slashed their payroll by $20 million over the past two years and all they'll do to "add payroll" is add that $20 million to get back to where they were two years ago. They can spin it however they want. If they don't win next year, the new ballpark won't really matter to some fans.

* * *

It's hockey season! The Wild open their season Thursday night at Columbus. Of course, we can't watch that game on TV here. Nor can we watch next Tuesday's home opener. So if you can't get up to The X on Tuesday, you'll have to wait until next Thursday to see a game on TV in Rochester (the Oct. 8 game at L.A. is a 9:30 start). There are still tickets available for the home opener, though, if you still want to go.

Phersy and I will talk all things Wild in our print edition Faceoff column tomorrow.

And we'll get our NHL picks and predictions up on the blog tomorrow night.

August 31, 2009

We're back ...

PHERSY: Well Feldy and I have been a bit absent lately, and there is a good reason ... the entire P-B sports department has been swamped trying to put together our annual Pigskin Preview.

My responsibility for the Pigskin is designing and laying out every page. And this year, there were 92 pages! So that consumed my life all of last week, but I was happy to put that project to bed Friday afternoon. It's easily our biggest project of the year, but it's worth the extra work. Feldy was busy doing a lot of the writing for that project, and I know he also has been busy covering the local racetracks and their end-of-season activities.

But we're back at it, and we're ready to kick off high school football season this week. I suppose that means Feldy and I will have to start making our picks again (even if a few fans can't handle us picking against their teams). Feldy, who won our little picking contest last year?? Hmmm ... oh yeah, it was me! Hopefully Feldy will start figuring out the local high school football scene this season and at least be competitive. 

Here's a quick "daily 3" to get the week jump-started, and Feldy and I will be checking back often this week for high school football notes and of course, VIkings thoughts.

No. 1 — The Whizzinator has a new home. A Mankato bar owner recently purchased the Whizzinator used by former Viking Onterrio Smith for $750. Now that's a Monday morning talker for you. The Whizzinator now will be "proudly" displayed at Buster's in Mankato, the bar owned by Matt Little, who purchased the device last week. Hey, for the publicity he's getting, I'd say that's the best $750 he's ever spent!

No. 2 — Just when you think the Twins are dead, they wake up from their coma. Don't look now, but the Minnesota Twins are now just 4.5 games behind Detroit in the AL Central. The Twins managed to escape with a win on Sunday, despite allowing Texas to load the bases with nobody out in the ninth inning. IT was a big win for the Twins, and a big loss for the Rangers, who are chasing the Red Sox for the AL Wild Card. The Twins welcome the struggling Chicago White Sox to town this week for a three-game set. Sweeping the White Sox would be a nice way for the Twins to officially jump back into the playoff race, and essentially eliminate the Sox from playoff contention. The Twins have been getting better pitching, and that's been a big help. They've also been receiving big hits from players you wouldn't expect. That must continue for this team to truly get back into this race. There's time, but the Twins are running short, especially since the Tigers don't seem to be cooling off.

No. 3 — Feldy's favorite QB is expected to play the entire first half tonight against Houston in the Vikings' third preseason game. Personally, I'm hoping Mario Williams takes a nice run at Favre, and he won't be able to play for the rest of the season ... maybe Williams could just play it off as payback for what Jared Allen did to Matt Schaub last year. I'll turn the game on after halftime to watch Sage and T-Jack. That should be more entertaining. Really, there aren't many big-time position battles going on, so it's tough to get excited about another preseason game. I'm ready for the real games to begin ... and I have two fantasy football drafts this week to prove it!

August 25, 2009

Playing catch-up (not ketchup, I hate ketchup)

FELDY: It almost never fails that when I go to a game at the Metrodome the person sitting next to me or behind me or in front of me -- anywhere within smelling distance -- plops down with one of those gigantic hot dogs heaping with all kinds of nastiness such as ketchup, mustard, onions, relish, and whatever else they ruin those perfectly good hot dogs with. It happened again Friday night as I waited for No. 4's yawner of a debut in purple. Of course, it's tough to tell Mrs. Feldy to not eat that nasty hot dog. Every time I tell her to get something else, she threatens to spill ketchup on my shorts. Ick.

As for last Friday's game, would everyone just calm the heck down? My goodness, you'd think Favre's 1-for-4, 4-yard effort means he'll play no better than Spergon Wynn this season. He practiced for 2 1/2 days before that game; it's a victory that he didn't fumble a snap or botch a handoff. (No, by the way, I have not and probably will not add a purple No. 4 to the jersey collection. Still doesn't feel quite right.)

As for the rubes who think T-Jack deserves the starting job now, just take a look back at how he did in Week 1 of the preseason. He was brutal against Indianapolis' second-team defense, which was basically their third-team defense because half of the Colts starters didn't play. When the pressure's on and he actually has a chance to earn a starting job, T-Jack panics. Now that he knows he's either riding pine or being traded, of course he played well. That's how it's always been with him.

Nothing is more irritating than the Vikings fans who want to set the team's roster because of how guys performed in a meaningless preseason game. The same people who want T-Jack to be the starter now were the same ones who booed him when he walked onto the field on Friday. They're also the same people who wanted Brad Childress run out of town after HIS FIRST PRESEASON GAME three years ago because Chili went for a TD and a win (the Vikes lost) at the end of the fourth quarter rather than kick a field goal and send the game to OT. IT'S THE PRESEASON. CALM DOWN. Get a grip and relax. Meaningful games will be here soon enough, then you can call for T-Jack after one bad outing by No. 4.

* * *

The Vikings defense shouldn't cause much concern right now, either. They pressured the heck out of Matt Cassel on Friday and Cassel made some plays with his feet. The Vikings outside linebackers failed to hold contain a few times, but that's not going to happen once the games get going for real. Last week, we talked about who should make this team on offense; let's look at the defense now:

DEFENSIVE END: Jared Allen and Ray Edwards will start. Brian Robison is as close to another lock as you can come. That leaves Otis Grigsby, Martail Burnett and Jayme Mitchell fighting for probably one spot. Mitchell has some good history with the Vikes and has played inside in a pinch before. Burnett has looked sharp in the first two preseason games. Grigsby is a veteran, but will have to leapfrog both Burnett and Mitchell to make the club. I'll say Mitchell makes the team, Burnett and Grigsby are out.

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: This one's a little tougher, considering the in-flux situtation of Pat and Kevin Williams. Assuming they both can play the whole season, that leaves Fred Evans, Tremaine Johnson, Jimmy Kennedy, Letroy Guion and Antoine Holmes battling for two, maybe three spots. Evans is a lock; he'll start for Pat Williams if the Williams Wall is suspended. Kennedy is a former first-round draft pick (by St. Louis) and Guion was a late-round pick by the Vikes last year and is a guy they like. I'll guess all three of those guys make the team out of camp with the uncertainty surrounding the Williamses. If Kevin and Pat indeed get suspended, perhaps the Vikes will go to the waiver wire to fill some backup roles.

CORNERBACK: Antoine Winfield and Cedric Griffin are starters; both signed nice extensions during the offseason. Asher Allen, a 3rd round pick this year, will get every chance to win the nickel back role, but Benny Sapp could be the guy there, too. Marcus McCauley and free-agent signee Karl Paymah will duke it out for the fifth CB spot. Marcus Walker and Derrick Roberson have made enough mistakes in the preseason games that they'll both probably be cut.

SAFTIES: Madieu Williams and Tyrell Johnson will start. A good battle for back-up jobs between veterans Eric Frampton and Husain Abdullah, and seventh-round draft pick Jamarca Sanford (who has looked sharp in camp and in both preseason games) is on. The Vikes won't keep five safeties, so at least one good player is out the door. Frampton and Abdullah have each been good on special teams.

LINEBACKERS: Maybe the best competitions in training camp this year are for the backup LB jobs. Chad Greenway, EJ Henderson and Ben Leber are entrenched as starters. Heath Farwell will make the team because he's a beast on special teams and a solid backup LB. Erin Henderson, David Herron and fifth-round pick Jasper Brinkley are probably battling for two spots. Again, one really good linebacker will be looking for a team in a couple of weeks.