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October 05, 2015

Extra Points: 5 thoughts on the Vikings 23-20 loss at Denver

Posted by: Feldman

You can read Points On The Purple every Saturday in the Post-Bulletin weekend edition Sports section, on the Vikings GameDay '15 page. Throughout the week we'll offer "Extra Points" here on the Faceoff Blog. Today, Jason Feldman has his 5 Thoughts on the Vikings' 23-20 loss at Denver on Sunday.

1. The Safety Dance

Can the Robert Blanton experiment please come to an end? I get it, there's no one better on the roster, but enough is enough. Andrew Sendejo is an option. Not a better option, but another option. But, of course, he's hurt because he flies around the field completely out of control. Sendejo reminds me of a cat. They'll go from 0 to 100 mph in the snap of fingers, but have no idea where they're going. If Sendejo knew how to play under control, he'd be a beast because he has a nastiness to him that you want in your safeties. But he's not under control. He's a cat. And Blanton is just not fit to start in the NFL. The angle he took on the Ronnie Hillman TD run in Sunday's game was something that even geometry has no definition for. It wasn't obtuse, it was obscene.

But it's time to stop blaming Blanton and Sendejo. They try to tackle the guys in the other colored shirts. They miss, then they collect their granola bars and Gatorade and head home to play XBox or chase cat toys. This is on GM Rick Spielman for not addressing that spot in the offseason. They didn't sign a safety in free agency, nor did they draft one. We can forgive Spielman for the quasi-disaster the O-Line has become (though, to be fair, keeping that Denver defense in check was A LOT to ask of our group of over-sized Cabbage Patch Kids up front). Spielman drafted 6,173 offensive linemen in May's draft, but not a safety. He signed undrafted free agent Ant Harris out of Virginia, who was projected as high as a fourth-round pick by some scouting reports. Second-year safety Antone Exum Jr. must not be a viable option, either, in the coaches' eyes, or he'd clearly have earned more playing time than he's received.

We'll have to live with some sort of Blanton/Sendejo rotation the rest of the season, apparently. But that spot HAS to be addressed in free agency and/or the draft next spring.


* * * * *

2. Can you Diggs it?

Rookie wide receiver Stefon Diggs was inactive for first three games of his NFL career. That shouldn't happen again. When Chaz Johnson returns to lineup, it's time to keep Diggs up, Cordarrelle down. Patterson has shown almost ZERO value this season as a receiver and he offers very little threat as a kick returner anymore. When was the last time he returned a kick past the 30 or 35? We know Roch's Marcus Sherels can do just as well as a kick returner. Diggs caught six passes for 87 yards on Sunday and though he put the ball on the ground twice, he continued to flash the play-making ability that made him the buzz of training camp in Mankato.

This one is a no-brainer. Patterson has had more than enough chances to show what he can do, even for a former first-round draft pick. This is the NFL, not PeeWees. Not everyone needs a chance to get on the field. Plus, last week Cordarrelle had the nerve to say he's "not sure what I have left to prove." Uhhhhh, everything, Mr. P. Everything.

* * * * * 

3. The maturation of Teddy

No, he didn't win the game, but Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater showed poise and maturation in a tough spot. It's not a moral victory, but it's a good sign for the future. Call that sugar-coating if you want to. I'll call it a young QB growing up in a tough environment. Yes, it's disappointing to not have won, but who was the last Vikings QB who would've hung in like that, twice down 10 points in a hostile environment against the NFL's best defense (*sigh* probably Bert)? Christian Ponder would've lost that game by four TDs. It's not a win, but it's progress.

* * * * *

4. A.D. Ole'

It shouldn't surprise anyone anymore that Adrian Peterson can't pick up a blitz. I say this not to be mean or to judge, but because it's the truth: I just don't think he's smart enough to diagnose that part of the game. Adrian Peterson is an elite runner. He's the whole package -- power, speed, strength, agility. But he's not capable of blocking blitzing linebackers. Once in a while he'll get in the way and kind of make the linebacker push him aside. I kept waiting for DeMarcus Ware to stop his pass rush, grab Adrian by the waist, pick him up, set him down a couple feet away, pat him on the helmet, then go run through Teddy again. It's great that A.D. is back in the Vikings lineup. We just have to accept what he does well and what he doesn't do well. Norv and Zim should know now that they can't trust him to be on the field in a situation like this.

* * * * *

5. Blair Walsh

I don't even know what to say about him anymore. Every time he runs onto the field, this is all I can think about. There are some good kickers on the open market. A few of them need to have an all expenses paid trip to the exotic Twin Cities over the next 10 days.

October 01, 2015


PHERSY: The Pigskin Podcast returns today. Once again we're talking Vikings, Gophers and high school football. We name our players of the week and make our weekly high school football picks. Feldy has fallen way behind after a dismal effort last week. I'm now four games up in the standings ... Feldy is pressing this week!

Enjoy the show!


September 17, 2015

PIGSKIN PODCAST: Our QBs stink, Tyrod does not

PHERSY: Phersy and Feldy are back with another edition of the Pigskin Podcast.

Hey, if you like it, watch it. If not, let us know ... we are still debating if we want to do this as just a podcast or as a video segment. 

We had way more "listens" on the podcast than we did "views" of the video last week. So if you like it, watch, share, let us know. We will make a decision after this week regarding how to move forward.

Thanks all. Enjoy!


September 15, 2015

Vikings I.R.: Instant Reaction to the 20-3 loss at San Francisco

If you're reading this right after Monday's debacle of a 20-3 Vikings loss ... Why? Go to sleep. I know, it's tough to go to bed after such an ugly loss to a head coach who looks like he came straight out of Bill Swerski's Super Fans. But since you're reading (and, really, if that game didn't put you to sleep, as much as I'll try here, I can't promise that I can out-bore that performance), on the Vikings GameDay page in Monday's Post-Bulletin, we listed five issues to keep an eye on in Monday's Vikings-49ers game. How did those issues affect the outcome? Greatly. That's the answer. Greatly.
But we'll break em down, one by one, here anyway, because we have to vent somehow, and writing stuff here is much better for us than eating that whole box of Birthday Cake Oreos in the kitchen cabinet. Seriously, have you tried those things? They're more addicting than a non-salmonella-laden burrito from Chipotle.
1. 2-8 was The Man: No, not that 2-8. Hey, it's early. No need to panic, but Carlos Hyde looked more like the 2-8 we love than the 2-8 we love did. Hyde was the best back on the field. He cut, he spin, he put his shoulder down, he beat Vikings defenders to the corner consistently. All the things we're used to seeing OUR 2-8 do. It was probably unfair of us to expect Adrian Peterson to come back and look like the 2012 NFL MVP right out of the gate. But it wasn't unfair to expect him to get more than six touches in the first half. He got going a little bit in the second half, but coupled with an offensive line that struggled more often than not, A.P. didn't have a lot of room to work. Again, it's just one week, but we saw (didn't see) enough to put that shred of doubt in our minds: Will we see that elite-level A.P. again? Hyde had 136 yards with 9:30 left in the game, after he scored his second touchdown of the night. He finished with 168 yards on 26 carries. And his O-line absolutely took it to the Vikings' defensive line, which was supposed to be a strength of a defense that was supposed to be on the verge of becoming one of the league's best. Brian Robison, Tom Johnson and Linval Joseph all got wiped out in 1-on-1 battles on Hyde's second TD, while Everson Griffen -- the backside defensive end who likely wouldn't have reached Hyde anyway -- tripped over his own guy, LB Anthony Barr, who was knocked to the ground in front of Griffen. There's no need to panic, but the Vikings were thoroughly trounced in every aspect of the game, notably in the running game. Some stuff has to get better. Fast.
2. Teddy in primetime: You can argue Teddy missed some throws. He held onto the ball too long. He didn't make decisions quickly enough and on the occasions he did, he didn't make the correct ones. There's some truth to all of that. But before dropping too much of Monday's ugly loss on QB1's shoulders, there is plenty of blame to go around. Teddy couldn't take a 5-step drop for most of the night because he'd have had a black shirt or six draped all over him before Joe Berger could yell "Teddy, duck!" Speaking of which, as I asked on Twitter, the Niners had to give some preteen with a fashion app license to design those all-black unis, no? It's the only explanation. When Teddy did have time, the Vikings receivers weren't getting open because the Niners were getting away with rushing three or four guys and dropping seven or eight into coverage. Still, Teddy has to be better. He can't throw off his backfoot, sling it sidearm or just let his mechanics go to heck. He did lay one really nice deep ball in to Mike Wallace, a play that should have drawn a pass interference call in the end zone in the first half. Aside from that, there weren't many memorable throws, unless you want to count the Hail-Mary-that-wasn't at the end of the first half. He did chuck it all the way to the 15-yard-line. From midfield. So there's that.
3. Offensive line issues: The Vikings line was somehow even more abysmal in execution than it is on paper. It's really not their fault, though. I mean, they have the Matt Asiata of offensive linemen -- Joe Berger -- playing center. You know, he's the guy who looks great as a backup, but when he's forced to start, you realize why he looks great as a backup. No offense to Berger, the dude tries hard and he's made a good living as a versatile lineman who can play serviceably (I'm not sure that's a word, but it's 12:33 and I just watched that same game y'all did, so I'm rolling with it) in a pinch. But to count on him as a starter for half a season could be disastrous. It'd be different if he had the 1998 line surrounding him -- McDaniel and Steussie to his left, Dixon and Stringer to his right -- but he has Mike Harris and rookie T.J. Clemmings to his right. That group needs some work and it needs some help. They showed tonight that they can't be trusted to be left in 1-on-1 situations very often. Rhett Ellison, Chase Ford, Kyle Rudolph ... those guys will have to be more involved in the blocking game in the coming weeks, if the Vikings can't find a player or players to upgrade the line or won't seek them out. Hats off to Clemmings, though, for being the first player to sack Teddy Bridgewater this season.
4. Keeping Colin in check: For the most part, Niners QB Colin Kaepernick didn't hurt the Vikings with his feet. Though Harrison Smith turned in the play of the night for the Vikings when he hurt Kaepernick with his shoulder. But despite Trent Dilfer's incessant gushing about Kaepernick's greatness -- at one point, Dilfer went on and on about Kaepernick's outstanding game as they flashed his 13-for-20 for 109-yard stat line on the screen -- the Niners QB didn't have a major impact on the game. He also didn't hurt his team. He finished with 165 yards passing and 41 rushing, completing 17 of 26 passes. He didn't look like a $126 million QB, but he didn't have to because of Item No. 1 on this list.
5. Kicking concerns: Anyone see Vince Wilfork kick on HBO's Hard Knocks? How about U.S. soccer star Carli Lloyd, who also kicked on the show? Maybe the Vikings can trade for/sign one of those two. It's not pretty (Wilfork looked an awful lot like this guy), but it went through. So when it comes to A.P. and Teddy and the offensive line and the defensive line and receivers getting open and missed tackles, we don't need to panic. Yet. But when it comes to the kicking game, I'm panicked. Walsh was 5-for-11 in the preseason on field goals. He missed three field goals and an extra point IN ONE GAME. That's 10 points he took off the board. Monday, he missed a field goal and made one. The one he missed would've given Minnesota  3-0 lead early in the game. It probably wouldn't have changed the outcome, but who knows? It could have kept momentum on the Vikings' side after Andrew Sendejo blocked a Niners field goal and attempt and Marcus Sherels scooped it up for a nice return. Mike Zimmer thought about letting Walsh try a 63-yard attempt at the end of the first half. The he called timeout and sent the offense back out (see the Hail-Mary-that-wasn't in item No. 2). Zimmer probably wasn't as concerned about Walsh missing as he was about a potential block that could turn into a 49ers touchdown. The elephant in the room is the 4-year, $14 million contract Vikings GM Rick Spielman gave Walsh on the eve of training camp. If the Vikings chose to cut Walsh, he would still eat up about $5.98 million in cap space total over this season and next, then about $2.75 million total over the following two seasons. That's on top of the $3.75 million he's guaranteed. So there are basically two choices: 1. Ride it out with Walsh and let him go through whatever struggles he's going through, or 2. Bring in another kicker, use two roster spots on kickers and pay two kickers. If the rest of the team is going to play like it played Monday, there's no reason to not let Walsh keep kicking and hope he battles his way through his struggles, mentally and physically.

September 03, 2015

Pigskin Podcast No. 2

PHERSY: The second edition of the Pigskin Podcast is back! We are still looking for a permanent name for the podcast, along with a few sponsors (naming rights baby!) and hopefully that stuff will come in the near future.

For now, enjoy this week's podcast. Once again, we talk high school football, Vikings football and Gophers football. At the end of the podcast, we give our weekly HS football picks, and we both name our HS football players of the week.



August 28, 2015

NEW FOOTBALL PODCAST, featuring Feldy and Phersy

UPDATE: The blog software's MP3 wasn't working properly ... so there's a new link below to listen to the podcast on Spreaker. It should be good to go now, just clink the link.


PHERSY: Well, here it is ... our new football podcast.

Hang with us while we tweak the audio and get it to sound more professional ... we're both new to using this podcast equipment. Hopefully by Week 3 we'll be experts.

At any rate, the podcast is where we'll be doing the HS football picks each week this season. Unfortunately for you, you must listen to the whole thing this week to get our picks! 

We hope you enjoy. Please, tweet at us and let us know what you think.


August 04, 2015

Former JM great Jim Scheid dies at 57

Posted by: Feldman

"It's a sad day, but it goes to show life is not fair. It's tough. Rochester has lost a great person." — Former JM hockey star Bruce Aikens, on his teammate Jim Scheid


Six-hundred thirty-six words seems so insufficient to sum up someone's life. Anyone's life, but espeically the life of someone like Jim Scheid, who clearly touched more lives than he knew.

That's how many words are in this story about Scheid, the former Rochester John Marshall athletic standout, who died Monday just three days before his 58th birthday, after a long battle with cancer.

I talked to three of his friends/high school teammates about Jim, and I knew about 5 minutes into my first conversation that I was going to have way more material than I could fit into a print story.

I could have written 6,000 words, probably more.

I never had the chance to meet Jim in person. I interviewed him one time, a little more than five years ago, for a story on all of the Rochester hockey players who moved on to play at the University of Wisconsin in the 1970s and early 80s. The Badgers were playing in an NCAA Regional at The X that spring (2010) and it seemed like a good time to do the story.

I don't know why I remember this, but when I called Jim, he was traveling to a youth hockey tournament -- I'm assuming with his youngest son, Ian, who coincidentally I would come to know a little bit over this past year as he played for the Austin Bruins -- somewhere in the northern part of the state. I want to say Thief River Falls, but I could be wrong.

The point is, from all of his friends and family with whom I spoke today, that was Jim. He was always coaching, teaching, helping others -- his kids, friends' kids -- excel at the sports they love, whether it was hockey, baseball, football (Jim starred in all three at JM) or hunting or fishing (which friends say he loved just as much).

Back in late May, Scott Lecy -- Jim's linemate and teammate at JM and Wisconsin -- worked with the Rochester Park and Rec to get the warming house at Allendale Park named after Scheid. When Lecy went to visit Scheid in his home last weekend, Scheid told him with a laugh, "You know, Scott, that's nice, but I never spent much time in the warming house."

Indeed, as Lecy and Bruce Aikens and Randy Wilcox would explain to me, Scheid was the one who called everyone's house -- who remembers a childhood without cell phones?! -- to tell them to gather at the outdoor rink, no matter the temperature. And once there, when everyone else would take a break, Scheid would be the one shoveling off the rink.

Scheid was also an outstanding QB on the football team (he played on JM's 1974 state title team) and an All-State baseball player as a senior. He was inducted into the Rochester Quarterbacks Club Hall of Fame in 2013.

"He was the quarterback in football, first-line center in hockey and shortstop in baseball," Wilcox said with a chuckle. "How much better can you be?"

Scheid, Lecy, Aikens and Wilcox all played on some powerhouse JM hockey teams. The Rockets went 21-3 in Scheid's senior season but lost in the section tournament. The next year, Lecy and Aikens led JM to a state championship. Three weeks later, Lecy was in Madison on his recruiting visit, where he had the chance to catch up with Scheid.

"He knew we'd have a great team that year," Lecy said of the '77 Rockets. "He was just so happy that we all got to experience that. Not just getting to state, but winning it, too."

When I've talked to players from those mid-to-late 1970s JM teams, they all echo the same sentiment: Those teams were great because of the work the players put in away from organized practice. Wilcox talked at length about Scheid using a tennis ball instead of a puck on the uneven outdoor ice at Allendale.

"If you could handle a tennis ball hopping around out there, you could definitely handle a puck," he said.

That makes it fitting that one of the lasting impressions Scheid will leave on Rochester is his name on the warming house of an outdoor rink, where everyone skating on the ice can see it.


Jim and his wife, Sandy, have three sons: Tony, Eric and Ian.

I've followed Eric's hockey career from afar; he'll be a senior playing at Penn State this fall.

Ian will play for the USHL's Fargo Force; they made him a 2nd round draft pick a couple months ago after he had an outstanding season with the NAHL's Austin Bruins. I got to know Ian a little bit while covering the team -- it was obvious he didn't care to have the spotlight placed on him, but he always answered questions with thought and never turned me down if I asked for an interview. To know what he was going through off the ice, it's pretty amazing to have watched the season he put together on it.

After meeting Ian and watching him play, I wasn't shocked that Aikens had this to say about Jim Scheid as a high school player:

"I know his parents were big influences in his life. He wasn't a really vocal guy, but was always very down to Earth. He let his actions and play speak for him."

His former teammates describe Jim as a do-it-all type of guy, one who would much rather set up his teammates for a goal than score it himself.

As Lecy and Wilcox pointed out, Scheid earned the nickname "Slip" at Wisconsin, because he was always too slippery for anyone to catch.

"He was so unselfish," Lecy said. "He was always looking to pass and not shoot. ... He was a great athlete and a great guy, and he was easy to like and look up to."

Aikens added: "Jim was a class act. He came to play every night. Fundamentally he did everything well and was a great team leader. He could really pass the puck, very unselfish. He got more joy out of winning than his own statistics. It was a joy to play with him.
"He was the QB on the football team, a great baseball player, and he did it all with class and made it look easy."

October 21, 2014

High School Football picks | Section quarterfinal edition

FELDY: Phersy gained another game on me last week. I'm pretty sure he cheated, but I'll take my lumps and move on. It should come as no shock that the 9-man games did me in. Phersy knew that would happen, which is why he made me pick three of them. I'm contemplating not putting any 9-man games on the list this week. We'll see. We'll see. 

I went 5-2 last week and am 37-12 this season. Phersy went 6-1 to improve to 35-14. We're down to just a couple weeks left, so he needs to gain some ground. Let's see if he can do it in the section quarterfinals. I say no, he won't.

This round's games to pick, lots of 4s vs. 5s:


No. 5 John Marshall (4-4) at No. 4 Century (4-4)


No. 5 Winona (1-7) at No. 4 Red Wing (2-6)


No. 5 Jordan (5-3) at No. 4 Lake City (4-4)


No. 5 Dover-Eyota (3-5) at No. 4 Chatfield (4-4)


No. 5 G-F-W (2-6) at No. 4 Zumbrota-Mazeppa (3-5)


No. 5 Southland (5-3) at No. 4 Faribault B.A. (6-2)


No. 5 Houston (3-5) at No. 4 Lanesboro (4-4)


PHERSY: Feldy might not say it, but he's worried. This would be the choke of all chokes. He's very frightened for this week's picks, as he should be. It won't be long until Team Phersy charges into the lead...


No. 5 John Marshall 34, No. 4 Century 27: Rockets riding high after huge win over West. If they let up, they'll lose. But my guess is they're getting hot at the right time.


No. 4 Red Wing 21, No. 5 Winona 0: You know it's a brutal section when the Wingers are hosting a first-


No. 4 Lake City 14, No. 5 Jordan 7: The Tigers' defense will carry them to a win. Jordan hasn't played the same competition, and that'll pay off at home for LC.


No. 4 Chatfield 21, No. 5 Dover-Eyota 14: It's not going to be easy for Chatfield, and the Gophers aren't playing great. But it's playoff time...they'll dig deep and move on.


No. 4 Zumbrota-Mazeppa 12, No. 5 G-F-W 0: These teams struggled to score points all season. Cougars faced tougher competition and they're on their home field...


No. 5 Southland 21, No. 4 Faribault B.A. 20: Upset central? Sure. FBA lost big when it faced good opponents, beat up on lesser foes. Rebels enter with confidence and pull the upset.


No. 4 Lanesboro 35, No. 5 Houston 14: This was a shutout win for Lanesboro the first time around. Houston scores, but I don't see an upset happening.


FELDY: I'll admit it. I'm worried. Worried about Phersy breaking down and bawling in the office when I win this thing for -- what? -- like the third year in a row. Let's get on with the picks.


No. 4 Century 27, No. 5 JM 25: This is more about what I saw from Century last week than it is a knock on JM. The Rockets are (obviously) playing quite well and coming off an emotional high. But Century moved the ball effectively against Mayo last week, but shot itself in the foot with turnovers and penalties. The Panthers need to clean those things up, or they won't move on. I trust they'll clean that stuff up tonight.


No. 4 Red Wing 18, No. 5 Winona 6: Won't be pretty, but the Wingers advance to play Stewartville on Saturday.


No. 5 Jordan 24, No. 4 Lake City 20: Lake City had played very well in a loss to Stewartville and a victory against Kasson-Mantorville. Then the Tigers lost by 29 to Lourdes (no shame in that; it's happened to most everyone this year) and lost to Cannon Falls last Wednesday. The Tigers will play better tonight, but I'll take the Hubmen on a late score.


No. 4 Chatfield 20, No. 5 Dover-Eyota 13: I agree with Phersy. Chatfield isn't playing well, but it has some veteran players who know what it takes to win in the postseason. D-E will put up a good fight, but the Gophs win on their home turf.


No. 4 Z-M 14, No. 5 G-F-W 11: Cougars get the home-field advantage and move on to the section semis.


No. 5 Southland 28, No. 4 Faribault B.A. 18: COME ON, PHERSY! This was gonna be my (mild) upset special! Southland's three losses came to Caledonia, Goodhue and Rushford-Peterson. If you're gonna lose three games, there's no shame in those losses. The Rebels are riding high after knocking off defending Class AA state champ Chatfield.


No. 4 Lanesboro 63, No. 5 Houston 48: I can't pick 9-man games, so why not expect a fan-pleasing shootout? Gimme the Burros by a bunch. Eeeee-awwww! (Sorry, I really do think the Burros need that sound effect at their home games, to play after they get first downs. That'd be awesome. Someone get me a video if they do that?)

October 10, 2014

High School Football picks | Week 7

FELDY: After last week, I think Phesy is waving the white flag. He is French, after all (he's not, and no offense meant to our readers in France). Let's get going with Week 7 games. I went 6-1 last week to improve to 35-7. Phersy went 4-3, in his defense, trying to make up some ground, but now sits at 28-14. Maybe he better go all 7 different than me over the next couple weeks.

This week's games:


* Rochester John Marshall (3-3) at Owatonna (4-2)
* Northfield (5-1) at Rochester Century (4-2)


* Lourdes (6-0) at Lake City (4-2)


* Triton (5-1) at Lewiston-Altura (4-2)
* Dover-Eyota (2-4) at Zumbrota-Mazeppa (2-4)


* Goodhue (5-1) at Chatfield (4-2)


* Spring Grove (5-1) at Lanesboro (4-2)

* * * * *

PHERSY: I stink anyway, so no research, no wise thoughts, just picks...


* Rochester John Marshall 21, Owatonna 14: Rockets need this win badly.
* Northfield 37, Rochester Century 21: Northfield is the second-best team in the conference.


* Lourdes 35, Lake City 34: Closer than most think, but Eagles still win a big one on the road.


* Triton 27, Lewiston-Altura 20: Good game, Cobras steal a road W.
* Dover-Eyota 20, Zumbrota-Mazeppa 12: Sticking with the road theme.


* Chatfield 29, Goodhue 2: I don't usually bet against the Wildcats, but when I do, it's against a good wrestling school.


* Spring Grove 41, Lanesboro 34: Nine-man ... who knows.

* * * * * * * 

FELDY: This can never be easy, so I'm sure I'll lose 3-4 games this week, even if I pick the same as Phersy.


* JM 31, Owatonna 20: JM's a better team than its 3-3 record shows. Think about it: This team is 4 points away from being 5-1, if it flips 1-point losses to Mayo and Northfield.

* Century 33, Northfield 31: Call it an upset if you want. Northfield is a good football team, but so is Century, and Century has flown under the radar all year, even after beating JM. Time for the Panthers to stand up and be recognized.


* Lourdes 38, Lake City 28: I agree with Phersy, Lake City will keep this one close and it'll be one of the best 4-3 teams in the state afterward.


* L-A 24, Triton 20: The Cards are ticked after their first division loss last week and they bounce back with a quality victory against the snakes.

* D-E 24, Z-M 10: The Cougars have really struggled to score this year. That continues this week, and D-E gets its third win of the season.


* Chatfield 28, Goodhue 17: What a brutal way for Goodhue to end its season: at Chatfield, then home for Caledonia. Chatfield has lost twice this year and won't let it happen again in the regular season


* Spring Grove 63, Lanesboro 56: As Phersy said, we have no clue how to pick 9-man games. That's a credit to those teams in a balanced SEC, who believe they can win on any given week. Spring Grove put up 98 last week against G-E, so I'll take them to win this week in a defensive battle.

September 26, 2014

Feldy and Phersy's High School Football picks | Week 5

FELDY: Last week wasn't a very shining moment for either of us, Phersy, but especially you. We both were way off the mark on Austin against Faribault and we both thought JM would win a competitive game against Century. Turns out, Century had no inkling of letting it be close. I went 5-2 and am 23-5; Phersy went 3-4 and is now 20-8. Let's put last week in the past and move on to this week's games:


* Rochester Mayo (3-1) at Faribault (2-2)


* Plainview-Elgin-Millville (3-1) at Rochester Lourdes (4-0)

* Stewartville (4-0) at Lake City (3-1)


* Caledonia (5-0) at Chatfield (3-1)


* Kenyon-Wanamingo (1-3) at Dover-Eyota (1-3)


* Grand Meadow (4-0) at Lanesboro (3-1)

* Spring Grove (3-1) at Mabel-Canton (3-2)


PHERSY: Feldy, after another awful week, I need to try something new. So I'm gonna rip through these picks, no research, just first team that comes to mind...I have to break this slump!


* Rochester Mayo 28, Faribault 14: Spartans get back on track.


* Plainview-Elgin-Millville 27, Rochester Lourdes 26: Going with road warriors this week?

* Stewartville 47, Lake City 22: Lake City is solid, but Stewartville is elite.


* Caledonia 24, Chatfield 7: Caledonia is balanced and the Warriors will be back on top again this year.


* Kenyon-Wanamingo 25, Dover-Eyota 21: All road teams, all night long.


* Grand Meadow 33, Lanesboro 21: Best team in the state takes this one.

* Spring Grove 35, Mabel-Canton 28: This should be a good one!

* * * * *

FELDY: Let's see if I can put some more separation between me and Phersy...


Mayo 33, Faribault 21: If the Spartans are the team they expected to be at the start of the season, and the team they still believe they can be, they come out and take it to the Falcons in Faribault.


Lourdes 28, PEM 24: I like Phersy's pick here, but coach Kesler won't let Lourdes relax with its No. 1 ranking. The Eagles will have a big bullseye on their backs (as if they already didn't) the rest of the way.

Stewartville 38, Lake City 21: No one has been able to slow Stewie's offense yet. As well as Lake City has played, Stewartville is as tough a test as they'll face all year.


Caledonia 34, Chatfield 19: Caledonia has had this game marked on its calendar for almost a year. 


Dover-Eyota 20, Kenyon-Wanamingo 17: I don't think I've picked a K-W game correctly all season. Maybe I'll start this week.


Grand Meadow 36, Lanesboro 23: Sticking with the defending state champion Larks.

Spring Grove 22, Mabel-Canton 20: I'll take the Lions with a late score to win on the road.