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September 24, 2011

ICE HAWKS: Home opener

PHERSY: In case you've been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, there's a little bit of bad news in Ice Hawks Nation.

And it's really not good.

First off, the Ice Hawks lost in a shoot-out last night to the Minnesota Owls up in Isanti. The Hawks rallied from a 3-2 deficit to force overtime, but they fell in the shoot-out (3-2) for a 4-3 final.

Worse yet ... an Owls player threw a nasty, dirty, disgusting elbow at new standout forward Tyler Beasley. The elbow knocked Beasley unconscious immediately. As he hit the ice, he separated his shoulder. He was completely unconscious for about 2 minutes. Beasley spent the night in the hospital, and he's expected to be released at some point today. Coach Nick Fatis and Hawks Nest member Jesse Bos stayed with Beasley in the hospital, and they said he's in good spirits, though his shoulder is definitely hurting. He, obviously, suffered a concussion as well.

Post-Bulletin jinx? Well, I'd gladly take credit if he pulled a hammy or something ... but this was more just the Owls being dirty. OK, so I still feel terrible, but mostly just angry.

Unfortunately, no penalty was even called on the play. I would hope the league would review the play and hand out an appropriate penalty, but it's the Ice Hawks, so I won't hold my breath.

OK, so these two teams are set to meet at 7:05 p.m. tonight at the Rochester Recreation Center. Just a hunch ... it could be a little crazy in there tonight. The Rec will be rocking.

Now, the Owls better be prepared to drop the gloves. All of them. Seriously, if you're within 10 feet of that bench, be prepared.

But I also want to encourage Ice Hawks fans to STAY OUT OF THIS!!!! We're all fired up. Heck, I'm fired up. The Owls are the same organization that removed me from the PRESS BOX prior to a game in Isanti, because the owner came up and said that area wasn't for the press (DESPITE THE GIANT 'PRESS BOX' sign). Later, her excuse was that "the Ice Hawks don't treat us well when we're in Rochester." Of course, I'm not with the Ice Hawks ... so yeah. I wasn't happy.

But we need to be smart. We need to be the better organization. Ice Hawks fans should be the loudest they've ever been ... but nobody should be removed tonight for doing something stupid. Nobody.

And I hope the players read this, too. Do what you need to do tonight. But be smart. The team doesn't need you suspended for a month because you did something TOO stupid.

So, we're going to take care of business tonight. The Ice Hawks are going to win a hockey game. They're going to beat the heck out of a few Owls players. But we're going to be smart. We're going to keep it as clean as possible.

That, said, I can't wait for 7:05. Even if I'm sicker than a dog!

DON'T FORGET - Ice Hawks tailgate party is still on. Rec Center parking lot, 5 p.m., bring an item to pass. Thanks again to Dawn Larson for setting this up.


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Well I'll tell you what we are going to do our job to keep our boys under control and win the hockey game. I didn't happen to see the hit when it happened so I cannot comment on if it was dirty or not and in watching the game for scouting purposes this morning the video does not show the hit actually happening as it is just off of the screen. So there can be no video review to see if the hit was in fact dirty or clean.

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