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Calling all bands

Riverside Concerts is looking for opening acts for the 2012 season of Down by the Riverside concerts in Rochester's Mayo Park. The concerts are held on Sunday nights in July and August.  Bands of any musical genre will be considered, but at least one member of the band must live in southeastern Minnesota. Submit a press kit, which includes a CD with at least three songs, a photo, bio and set list, to the Riverside Concerts office, 201 Fourth Ave. S.E., Suite 170, Rochester MN 55904. The due date is March 16.


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Outstanding as usual! The buzz around where I was snititg was people LOVED the octet, I heard two people say they wish they'd play it again in the second half. The older gentleman snititg next to me was positively giddy!! The only critical comment I might have is it would've been nice to move the conductor's podium before the octet piece, both see we could see you better, and it did sound a bit muffled. But, I realize that's probably not practical, and my seat was (too) close this time, that had a lot to do with it.Killer intro, Sam. I really liked the pace and jumping around, as you put it. It seemed to fly by. It was nice to see a big turnout for the Q A; afterwards, too, it's a great thing you guys do.The best part, though, was how the mics were color coordinated with your shirts, nice touch ;P (I notice the weirdest things)

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